Yard of the Month
The August Yard of the Month award goes to Geoff and Beverly Riley of 3204
Wessex Circle.  Their corner lot is impeccably maintained on all sides and their
vibrant and colorful landscape beds are flanked by beautifully shaped ash trees
        City of Richardson Watering Rules
Residents may water their yards at any time on   
their twice per week designated watering days (see
below) to avoid watering when temperatures
may drop below freezing. If water sprinklers run
overnight during freezing weather, they can cause
dangerous conditions on roads and sidewalks.
  For personalized recommendations on how much
water your yard currently needs, go to
  For more information, go to www.cor.
Yard of the Month:  Selection Criteria

  1. Landscape: tree, bushes, flowers, etc.
  2. Lawn: mowed, edged, and healthy
  3. Cleanliness
  4. Special beautification efforts / ideas: decoration that enhances the landscape to
    add beauty and make it special or unique
  5. Overall appeal of the front of the house
  6. Zone: selection from a different area of the neighborhood as much as possible
    (not a must)

Note: The reason for selecting homes from different zones is to encourage the
neighbors from all areas to maintain their yards and provide visibility of the YOM
program. The objective is to keep the neighborhood beautiful and keep up the value of
the neighborhood. Most of our neighbors take pride, understand their responsibility
and keep their yard good looking throughout the year regardless if they are selected
for the YOM.  Sherrill Park HOA thanks these homeowners for their commitment and
support to keep the neighborhood beautiful.