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So you lost your dog. "HOW TO" KIT FOR LOST DOG

What Every Richardson Pet Owner Needs to Know

Code Compliance: Barking Dog Complaints

FoSP now member of Richardson Chamber of Commerce

Richardson's Pet Leash Regulations

Flag Program - hosted by Richardson's Rotary

Architectural Control Committee

Solicitor's Permit

Calloway's Nursery

Neighborhood Crime Watch Patrol

Trash Reminder

Parking Info

Property Upkeep Letter
Hi neighbors,
This is a brief update on the AT&T work in our community.

The gas leak from Thursday was fixed about 6:00 pm.  Four houses lost gas for about five
hours. An Atmos technician went around and offered to relight pilot lights, if necessary, on water
heaters (he did mine in about 10 minutes).  Friday’s work continued on the Wyndham, Weanne

There have been a number of posts on
Nextdoor, mostly in complaint and concern about the
work being done by the AT&T contractors.

I wanted neighbors to know that I bundled up most of these Nextdoor posts and sent them to the
City with a plea for their help in working with AT&T to mitigate the damages being done by their
installation processes. As with any civil work of this size, there will be problems to fix.  If you take
pictures of trash left by the contractor crew, or other serious debris from the work, please send
these to

Within a couple of hours, I received the following feedback from the City:
“John, thank you for your email and with the attachment of the Nextdoor posts so we can better
understand the neighborhood’s concerns. We will share your concerns with AT&T and ensure
the subcontractor is abiding by their permit.

    Taylor …………
    Assistant to the City Manager
    City of Richardson, Texas

My email was also sent to AT&T, which replied,
John, I am sorry to hear about the contractor issues in Sherrill Park. I will forward this
information to the AT&T manager responsible for the project and I assure you he will address
the issues.

    Gary ………….
    Sr. Sourcing Specialist / Contract Coordinator

While these words from AT&T are intended to placate us, they also may reflect awareness that
their work is being looked at and commented on to the City and to AT&T.  As they say, for what
it’s worth.

The HOA has no particular power to affect the work going on. We will do what we can to
communicate with and to the City and AT&T.  We will also communicate with you when we learn
anything that may be worth sharing.  We prefer to use email for HOA important communications,
which reaches virtually all neighbors.

Thanks very much,
John Fritsche
President, FSP HOA
Yard of the Month
**** Please help us keep the playground clean and safe
Please make a note that
NO dogs are allowed inside the
fenced in playground area.
It has been brought to the
attention of the Playground Care Committee that some are
using the fenced in playground area as a “dog park”.
Unfortunately, dogs have been allowed to “do their business”
inside the fenced in area without proper pick up and disposal
creating a health and hygiene risk . Dogs running loose inside
the fenced in area is a safety concern for the children.
Richardson City law requires that ALL dogs be on a leash at all
times. Your help is requested and appreciated to ensure the
playground is safe and clean for our HOA families. A true dog
park “Bush Central Barkway” is provided by the City of
Richardson at: 3851 North Central Expressway, Richardson
Please let us know if you have any questions.

Playground Care Committee
Grace Laster, Comm. Chair
Sameer Ajmera, Michael Krantz
Hi Neighbors,
The 2019 newly-elected directors are: John Fritsche, Lynn Livingston, Daniel Schlieter
and Tony Wanat. The new terms begin at the monthly board meeting on Feb. 21st.
Also, the HOA board wants to share some of the materials that were presented at the
Annual Meeting  held on Sunday, Feb 10. These were presented on Power Point slides
but are converted to PDF files here for those readers not having Power Point on their
The slide presenters provided insightful commentary for the slides that are not able to
be transcribed here.  Hopefully the slides will provide you with the scope of each
subject covered.
Here is a list of the attached documents:
We hope these will be helpful to you in viewing the scope of the HOA’s 2018 results
and plans for the future.
Your HOA Board of Directors
Hi Neighbors,
Wanted to let you know of some changes in the
Neighborhood Directory. In recent
years, the Neighborhood Directory has been maintained and distributed by Michael
Krantz. He is to be thanked and credited, along with the late Diane Lauder, with
bringing it to its current state of completeness.

However, the Board has recently recognized that in today's privacy atmosphere,
residents need to feel comfortable that their information is collected, managed and
safely distributed under the auspices of the HOA, as opposed to an individual resident.
In addition, the HOA can assure continuity of this process from beginning to end over
many years as opposed to any particular individual. The current Directory will maintain
its current familiar look and feel for a while. It will still be available on

You are encouraged to review your listing in the Directory. If you wish any changes,
please reply to this email ( and let us know.

The HOA's Direct Mail Program
Many residents have already signed up for the HOA's Direct Mail program to easily
and conveniently receive the latest updates to the HOA's Neighborhood Directory.

Are you interested?
By signing up for the HOA's Direct Mail program, the HOA will email the Directories
directly to you (as PDF attachments) when a new Directory becomes available.  
To sign up, simply reply to this email ( and type
"Sign me up" in the Subject.  
That's it!

Thanks very much,
Your HOA Communications Manager

P.S. Please let us know if you change email addresses or phone numbers
Archetectural Control Committee
Before you proceed with home improvement projects, please check with the
Architectural Control Committee (ACC).  

The ACC is here to protect the integrity and value of our neighborhood, and
YOUR most important asset...YOUR HOME. The ACC is composed of
VOLUNTEERS and as such need your cooperation. They will attempt to
respond to your request as soon as possible, but they have up to 30 days to
respond , so prepare accordingly.

The C,E&R's require all homeowners to seek and receive ACC approval
before any installation, repair or construction for any home improvement or
home project outside your home or yard.  This applies to temporary and
permanent changes to the external part of your home or yard.
Information can be found on the
Forms page, or contact
Reserve Study Review and Implementation
At last Thursday’s Board meeting (Sept 20, 2018), the board and visitors saw a
presentation on a Reserve Study (RS) for the HOA, developed by Community
Association Reserves (Richard Hamilton, and Debbi Kennedy).  The Board of
Directors has been working on this reserve study for nearly a year. A preview of the
study was given at the Annual Meeting in February. This presentation reviewed the
findings of the study and its impact on the financial future direction of the HOA,
including the impact on future assessments.

To give readers an idea of the discussion, these are the first couple of slides covered.
What is the Primary Purpose of a Reserve Study:
•        Identify community assets
•        Assess their condition
•        Estimate their replacement cost
•        Produce a plan to fund major repairs and replacements
•        To the extent possible, minimize the impact of the plan on the Homeowners
•        All of this is done in an effort to protect the long-term value of the Association
through proper repairs and replacements, thus maximizing the [sales] value
of the properties.
What are the Goals of a Reserve Study
•        Provide a tool (or roadmap) the Board can use to save for future replacements
in order to preserve or enhance values.
•         Assess the status of the replacement fund.
•         A study IS NOT designed to be a line by line capital budget, but can be an
effective budget tool for several years.

What this all means
The two slides above pretty much summarize what can be said about the RS. A
reserve account, named the Major Repair and Replacement Reserve, has already
been established on the Balance Sheet, and received an initial infusion of $35,000
by allocating approximately one half of the HOA’s Retained Earnings.  The 2019
budget will be voted on by the directors at the October board meeting.  It is
anticipated to include a $20 increase in the assessment to $420, the $20 increase
being the 2019 contribution to the Reserve. At this point, additional $20 annual
increases are anticipated for four more years to follow the working model. However,
the model will be reviewed annually along with the budget process to determine how
much, if any, assessments will be changed to keep the reserve fund in a fiscally
"strong" position. Additional or supplemental contributions to the Reserve could also
occur from savings realized in annual expenses coming in under budget.
  • The Reserve Study presentation (PDF) may be viewed on the HOA’s website here
  • The FULL Reserve Study document may be viewed here
Solicitors Permit.  Here is a copy of the NEW, official City of Richardson  
original signed permit per solicitor. No  copies; it can't be in their bosses car.
They must show  it to you!
Calloway's Nursery.  We are pleased to announce that Calloway's Nursery,
Inc. will be sponsoring the Yard of the Month beginning in March, 2012.  In
addition, Calloway's will furnish a monthly "Timely Tip for Gardeners" which
will be emailed to you.
You may notice vehicles with Crime Watch Patrol signs on them slowly
cruising our streets and alleys.  Several of our neighbors have volunteered
to patrol our neighborhood in an effort to discourage criminals from coming
into our neighborhood.  If you have an open garage door you may receive a
courtesy call to let you know that it is open.  50% of the burglaries in
Richardson are due to open garage doors.  This is an "open invitation" for
the bad guys to steal from you.
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, click
here for an online
Trash Pick Up.  Our pick up days for trash pick up are Tuesday and Friday.  
Recycle Pick Up is Friday. Please do not put your trash or recycle out the
night before pick up or leave it out if you miss your pick up.   Animals get into it
and leave garbage all over the neighborhood.  If you see these violations call

Neighborhood Services at 972-744-4166
.  You do not have to leave your
name.  Let's do our part and keep our neighborhood clean. Phone number
also posted on
Quicklinks Page under City of Richardson Quick Links.
HOA Property Upkeep Letter
Dear Neighbor,
attached PDF file contains a letter from the Association to all Homeowners
regarding Upkeep of their properties and adherence to our Obligations of
Ownership as stated in our Deed Restrictions.  This letter sets out a procedure to
notify Homeowners of non-compliance with these obligations and to levy fines if
corrective action is not taken after 60 days and two such notices.
This matter directly effects our property values, and we will discuss it at the
Annual Meeting.  All Homeowners are strongly encouraged to read this letter, and
to attend the Annual Meeting to discuss this policy.

Your Homeowners Association
Fairways of Sherrill Park (FoSP) – Vehicle Parking
In response to a recent posting on concerning street parking, several of the
posters combined efforts to develop a letter to all residents within FoSP regarding safe and
courteous parking conduct. We hope that all residents will note the points within the letter
below and become aware of your parking actions. Please share this letter with other members
of your family for their parking awareness also.

Sometimes simple awareness and courtesy can lead to a safer and enjoyable neighborhood.

Date: April 2018

SAFETY on our neighborhood streets and the quick response of emergency vehicles is very
important to our quality of life. Our neighborhood streets belong to the city of Richardson and
the city will enforce the laws to protect us when called upon to do so, however, a bit of
awareness and common courtesy could go a long way in keeping everyone safe and happy.

The following are some tips based on Texas law for street parking in our neighborhood:
  • Park all vehicles on the right side of the street, with passenger tires as close to the curb as
    possible. Parking your vehicle facing traffic creates a hazard for vehicles and bicyclists. This
    includes parking in front of your home and while visiting the playground.
  • Use off-set parking when possible. This avoids creating a single lane road when vehicles
    are parked directly opposite one another. Consider that large emergency vehicles, like fire
    engines and ambulances, could be delayed in responding if they can’t squeeze through
    where cars are parked on both sides of the street. This is especially true on curves where
    visibility is an issue.
  • Keep all fire hydrants and mailboxes clear of vehicles.
  • Park a safe distance away from all stop signs, street corners and intersections.
  • Avoid parking across from a neighbor’s driveway or in their blind spot.

The life, home or vehicle you save could be your own. Please share this with all drivers in your

The State of Texas Transportation Code can be reference here in chapter 545:

Thank you.
Fairways of Sherrill Park HOA
Summary of Key CE&R Declaration Provisions...
click here
November 7, 2017

The purpose of this document is to summarize commonly referenced sections of the Third
Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants, Easements, and Restrictions for the
Fairways of Sherrill Park Subdivision, which became effective November 19, 2015 (the
“CE&R Declaration” or “Declaration”).
full CE&R Declaration is long and full of legalese, as is necessary because of its status
as a binding legal document. Our intention here is to cut through the provisions that are
rarely referenced by Members so that important information can be easily located. However,
any discrepancy between this summary and the actual filed CE&R Declaration shall be
governed by the Declaration.
If you would like to better understand these or other sections please contact a Board
member. Citations in brackets refer to the corresponding section in the full Declaration. Most
capitalized terms herein are defined in the Declaration. Most colored and underlined phrases
contain hyperlinks to the referenced document.
lick here
August 2017 Board Meeting notes
During the August Board meeting, the directors reviewed and passed an Enforcement
(the Policy) for the Fairways of Sherrill Park HOA.  The Policy is located on the HOA’s
website,; see #6. Click here for direct link to the
online document

Why did the HOA directors believe a Policy was necessary?
The Board of Directors is responsible for the operation of the HOA and the enforcement of
the provisions contained in and in accordance with the CE&Rs. For nearly 30 years, the HOA’
s CE&Rs have provided for enforcement of its covenants. However, there has been no clear
policy statement for administrative procedures for enforcement of violations and for the
elimination of violations found to exist. Early recommendations from NMI to the Board included
adoption of clear policies addressing assessment collections (added in January 2017),
followed by adoption of an Enforcement Policy.

How was it developed?
Rather than starting from scratch, the directors sought guidance of both NMI (our
management company) and HOAF (our HOA’s legal counsel). HOAF sent the directors a
template of an enforcement policy developed over several years by many of their HOA clients
and that conforms to the latest State regulatory requirements. The directors reviewed this
document and made a few edits to customize it for our HOA.

What does the Policy address?
Following are some items addressed in the new Policy:
  What is a violation, such as failure to obtain ACC approval before a regulated project
begins (roof, gutters, exterior painting, landscaping, etc.)
  The notification process
    o   what happens when a violation is observed
    o   what happens in failure to remedy the violation (fines, etc.)
   Owner’s right to a hearing before the Board
   Corrective actions
    o   when is a violation referred to the HOA’s legal counsel
    o   how the owner can remedy a violation during the enforcement process;
    o   how repeated violations of the same provision are handled
The Policy does not include assessment collections, which is a different policy.

Can the Enforcement Policy be amended?
Yes. Just as the Board adopted this initial Enforcement Policy, future Boards may alter
sections of the Policy to fit current circumstances.

  • The July Financial statement and July Board Meeting Minutes have been posted to the
  • The resident who requested an appeal of their ACC denial did not attend the meeting.
    However, several residents did attend and discussed the ACC request.
Roofing Guidelines.  The Architectural Control Committee (ACC)* has received several
questions regarding the Roofing Reminder email issued on March 27th (see below). The
predominant question concerned the color requirement of "weathered wood". While the vast
majority of homes appear to have the "weathered wood" colored shingles, this
Guidelines link addresses the color question in more detail.  It includes color pictures of the
"weathered wood" color provided by several popular shingle manufacturers (every
manufacturer reviewed so far provides a "weathered wood" shingle color). The document is for
informational purposes only to aid HOA Lot owners in roof replacement. It is not an
endorsement or recommendation of any specific product or manufacturer.

We hope that the Roofing Reminder email, aided if necessary by the
Roofing Guidelines, will
assist Lot owners in discussions with contractors concerning the correct roof replacement. Our
Board members are standing by to assist the ACC to provide timely turnaround of questions
which may arise during the replacement period.

* ACC Request Forms may be found
here under the center Resident Forms on the website