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Neighborhood News
Neighborhood Notices and Standing Items
August 2017 Board Meeting notes
During the August Board meeting, the directors reviewed and passed an Enforcement
(the Policy) for the Fairways of Sherrill Park HOA.  The Policy is located on the HOA’s
website,; see #6. Click here for direct link to the
online document

Why did the HOA directors believe a Policy was necessary?
The Board of Directors is responsible for the operation of the HOA and the enforcement of
the provisions contained in and in accordance with the CE&Rs. For nearly 30 years, the HOA’
s CE&Rs have provided for enforcement of its covenants. However, there has been no clear
policy statement for administrative procedures for enforcement of violations and for the
elimination of violations found to exist. Early recommendations from NMI to the Board included
adoption of clear policies addressing assessment collections (added in January 2017),
followed by adoption of an Enforcement Policy.

How was it developed?
Rather than starting from scratch, the directors sought guidance of both NMI (our
management company) and HOAF (our HOA’s legal counsel). HOAF sent the directors a
template of an enforcement policy developed over several years by many of their HOA clients
and that conforms to the latest State regulatory requirements. The directors reviewed this
document and made a few edits to customize it for our HOA.

What does the Policy address?
Following are some items addressed in the new Policy:
  What is a violation, such as failure to obtain ACC approval before a regulated project
  begins (roof, gutters, exterior painting, landscaping, etc.)
  The notification process
    o   what happens when a violation is observed
    o   what happens in failure to remedy the violation (fines, etc.)
   Owner’s right to a hearing before the Board
   Corrective actions
    o   when is a violation referred to the HOA’s legal counsel
    o   how the owner can remedy a violation during the enforcement process;
    o   how repeated violations of the same provision are handled
The Policy does not include assessment collections, which is a different policy.

Can the Enforcement Policy be amended?
Yes. Just as the Board adopted this initial Enforcement Policy, future Boards may alter
sections of the Policy to fit current circumstances.

  • The July Financial statement and July Board Meeting Minutes have been posted to the
  • The resident who requested an appeal of their ACC denial did not attend the meeting.
    However, several residents did attend and discussed the ACC request.
Summary (click the headline to read)
What Every Richardson Pet Owner Needs to Know

Code Compliance: Barking Dog Complaints

FoSP now member of Richardson Chamber of Commerce

Richardson's Pet Leash Regulations

Flag Program - hosted by Richardson's Rotary

Architectural Control Committee

Solicitor's Permit

Calloway's Nursery

Neighborhood Crime Watch Patrol

Trash Reminder

FAQs re cars parked on the street

Property Upkeep Letter
Yard of the Month
Richardson Chamber of Commerce.  As of 5-30-2013, the Fairways
of Sherrill Park HOA is a member of the Richardson Chamber of Commerce. If
you would like to attend a
Chamber event, then contact any HOA Board
member for instructions.
Please do not call the Chamber directly or just show up at an event.
Homeowners in Fairways of Sherrill Park HOA get the member rate for
Richardson CoC events and programs.  The CoC gives us access to
networking opportunities, we can serve on CoC committees, attend signature
luncheons, participate in the Richardson Chamber Golf tournament in
October, sponsorship opportunities, Richardson Young Group and more.
Because your HOA is a non-profit Member organization in the Richardson
CoC, all members of the HOA are eligible for CoC member benefits!
                 FSP Common Area Maintenance
FSP Neighbors,
As many of you know, for many years our HOA has contracted with Manders Landscaping to
professionally maintain our common areas.  Today we received the attached letter from
Manders (
Manders_H-2B May Update Letter) via Neighborhood Management (“NMI”).   We
understand that many other NMI neighborhoods also use the Manders
The quick bottom line is that Manders seasonally supplements its workforce with foreign
workers who enter the country on H2-B work visas, and delays this year in congressional
approval of an extension of the program has delayed their ability to legally bring in needed
additional workers.  Congress passed legislation extending the program last week.   Until they
can sufficiently supplement their workforce, hopefully by mid-June, Manders commits to mow
our common areas bi-weekly.
A recent Dallas Morning News article at this link explains the situation more completely.
// (If trouble seeing
link, open attached PDF
Several HOA directors will be meeting with both NMI and Manders next week to better
understand the situation and their plan for dealing with it.   We will also discuss more
aggressive treatment of weeds in several areas.  Based on our long experience with the
company, we expect a professional resolution.   

We will let you know when there is more news to report on this matter.
Your HOA Board of Directors
Roofer and Contractor Signs
As you know, section 3.6 of our HOA covenants defines a very limited variety of signs
permitted to be posted on lots in our neighborhood.   These include “For Sale” (but not “For
Lease”), certain political (one per candidate or issue), and certain spirit signs for children’s
schools.   The Architectural Control Committee may approve others.

Contractor advertising signs of any kind, including roofers, remodelers, or any other service
provider are not permitted.  Nevertheless, acknowledging the trauma of the March hail storm
and the possible financial benefit that some members might derive from posting of such
signs, the HOA Board declined to enforce the sign covenant for the last six months.

We now believe that six months is long enough, and that any obligation to a contractor for
personal financial benefit from sign posting should now have been met.   The continued
littering of our neighborhood with these commercial advertisements detracts from our appeal
and is unfair to the majority of neighbors who no longer (or never did) post such signs.

We ask that all roofer and other contractor signs be removed by September 30.  If there is an
extraordinary situation where an owner may suffer significant financial harm by not positing
such a sign, please contact HOA Board members Travis Phemister (
com) or Brad Wagoner ( to discuss a possible waiver.
Your HOA Board of Directors
Archetectural Control Committee
Before you proceed with home improvement projects, please check with the
Architectural Control Committee (ACC).  

The ACC is here to protect the integrity and value of our neighborhood, and
YOUR most important asset...YOUR HOME. The ACC is composed of
VOLUNTEERS and as such need your cooperation. They will attempt to
respond to your request as soon as possible, but they have up to 30 days to
respond , so prepare accordingly.

The C,E&R's require all homeowners to seek and receive ACC approval
before any installation, repair or construction for any home improvement or
home project outside your home or yard.  This applies to temporary and
permanent changes to the external part of your home or yard.
Information can be found on the
Forms page, or contact
Dear “Friends of the Playground”,
A number of homeowners have asked if there might be a new opportunity for others to
participate with further amenities at the playground. The answer is, “YES!”
Read how
**** Please help us keep the playground clean and safe ****
Please make a note that
NO dogs are allowed inside the fenced in playground area. It
has been brought to the attention of the Playground Care Committee that some are using the
fenced in playground area as a “dog park”. Unfortunately, dogs have been allowed to “do their
business” inside the fenced in area without proper pick up and disposal creating a health and
hygiene risk . Dogs running loose inside the fenced in area is a safety concern for the children.
Richardson City law requires that ALL dogs be on a leash at all times. Your help is requested
and appreciated to ensure the playground is safe and clean for our HOA families. A true dog
park “Bush Central Barkway” is provided by the City of Richardson at: 3851 North Central
Expressway, Richardson 75080.
Please let us know if you have any questions.

Playground Care Committee
Grace Laster, Comm. Chair
Sameer Ajmera
Mandy Casey
Michael Krantz
Solicitors Permit.  Here is a copy of the NEW, official City of Richardson  
original signed permit per solicitor. No  copies; it can't be in their bosses car.
They must show  it to you!
Calloway's Nursery.  We are pleased to announce that Calloway's Nursery,
Inc. will be sponsoring the Yard of the Month beginning in March, 2012.  In
addition, Calloway's will furnish a monthly "Timely Tip for Gardeners" which
will be emailed to you.
You may notice vehicles with Crime Watch Patrol signs on them slowly
cruising our streets and alleys.  Several of our neighbors have volunteered
to patrol our neighborhood in an effort to discourage criminals from coming
into our neighborhood.  If you have an open garage door you may receive a
courtesy call to let you know that it is open.  50% of the burglaries in
Richardson are due to open garage doors.  This is an "open invitation" for
the bad guys to steal from you.
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, click
here for an online
Roofing Scam Alert! Scammers are viewing our roofing damage woes as an opportunity to
prey on homeowners. Here is an alert from our neighbor Brad Wagoner:
In a follow up conversation with my State Farm adjuster he told me about an interesting scam
he is seeing here:

An out-of-state "roofer" makes a deal with a local roofer to use the local roofer's name in
exchange for a commission/fee.(say, 10%). He might even print up business cards or a
magnetic truck sign with the local name. The out-of-state guy then tells potential clients that he
is actually the real local company when, in fact, he is unaffiliated and from Missouri or Florida
or wherever. He also generally brings in his crew from wherever..not here.

The risk you take if you get sucked into the story is that you get workers from somewhere else
who don't understand our building codes, are more likely to do shoddy work, and won't stand
behind their work. Good luck finding them if there is a problem, and don't expect the real local
guy to help you.
Trash Pick Up.  Our pick up days for trash pick up are Tuesday and Friday.  
Recycle Pick Up is Friday. Please do not put your trash or recycle out the
night before pick up or leave it out if you miss your pick up.   Animals get into it
and leave garbage all over the neighborhood.  If you see these violations call

Neighborhood Services at 972-744-4166
.  You do not have to leave your
name.  Let's do our part and keep our neighborhood clean. Phone number
also posted on
Quicklinks Page under City of Richardson Quick Links.
HOA Property Upkeep Letter
Dear Neighbor,
attached PDF file contains a letter from the Association to all Homeowners
regarding Upkeep of their properties and adherence to our Obligations of
Ownership as stated in our Deed Restrictions.  This letter sets out a procedure to
notify Homeowners of non-compliance with these obligations and to levy fines if
corrective action is not taken after 60 days and two such notices.
This matter directly effects our property values, and we will discuss it at the
Annual Meeting.  All Homeowners are strongly encouraged to read this letter, and
to attend the Annual Meeting to discuss this policy.

Your Homeowners Association
Urgent Notice from the Architectural Control Committee (ACC):
Many neighbors are faced with the need to replace their roof after the recent hail storm. It is a
stressful time for all of us. Please be aware that the covenants of the Fairways of Sherrill Park
From the CE&Rs declaration:
    3.24 Roofing Materials. All roofing for the Residences and other improvements
    located on the Lots shall consist of high quality aluminum shakes (with wood
    appearance), slate, concrete, clay tile, or composition shingles weighing at least two
    hundred and forty (240) pounds per one hundred (100) square feet of surface area
    covered thereby and be of a natural weathered wood color.

There is a fairly broad color template under the family weathered wood so it should not be
difficult to find a shade that complements your brick color. All roofs being replaced, including
existing roofs with dark charcoal, black, red, burgundy, light gray, or any color other than
“weathered wood” must be replaced with weathered wood color. The covenants also provide
that the ACC may, but is not obligated to, grant variances. To request approval for any
variances, you must submit the request form prior to doing any work which does not comply
with the existing requirements. The covenants also provide that the HOA may impose fines for
non-compliance or even require that non-compliant improvements be removed and replaced.

This information has been sent out previously to each homeowner via email addresses
currently on file with the HOA. Additional information and forms regarding the roofing
requirements and possible variances is available below.
Thank you,

Architectural Control Committee
Fairways of Sherrill Park
Roofing Guidelines.  The Architectural Control Committee (ACC)* has received several
questions regarding the Roofing Reminder email issued on March 27th (see below). The
predominant question concerned the color requirement of "weathered wood". While the vast
majority of homes appear to have the "weathered wood" colored shingles, this
Guidelines link addresses the color question in more detail.  It includes color pictures of the
"weathered wood" color provided by several popular shingle manufacturers (every
manufacturer reviewed so far provides a "weathered wood" shingle color). The document is for
informational purposes only to aid HOA Lot owners in roof replacement. It is not an
endorsement or recommendation of any specific product or manufacturer.

We hope that the Roofing Reminder email, aided if necessary by the
Roofing Guidelines, will
assist Lot owners in discussions with contractors concerning the correct roof replacement. Our
Board members are standing by to assist the ACC to provide timely turnaround of questions
which may arise during the replacement period.

* ACC Request Forms may be found
here under the center Resident Forms on the website
Updated Roof Reminder
If you have any questions or uncertainty regarding compliance of your roof repair project,
please submit a specific request for approval to the