If you've come to this page, you may have an interest in landscape maintenance ideas, water
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some searching and culled out what we think are good, basic tools from local sources to help you.
We also welcome input from you if you come across something that you think would fit in here. It's
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Water Conservation & Landscaping Tips*
Valuable Resources
Urban Water Program
AgriLife Research and Extension Center at Dallas
combines many water conservation and quality
professionals. We focus on the following components
and can help you with these needs in your community.

North Central Texas Smartscape
Texas SmartScape™ utilizes xeriscape principles, but
goes beyond the basics by providing design, care, and
plant search tools that are "Smart" for North Central

Texas A&M AgriLife Research and
Extension Cente
r - Dallas will be offering the
following educational or professional training courses
Register at   

NEW   Here is a list of new classes for the Spring, and
links for registration.  Click

Excellent Landscape Maintenance Guide
In an attempt to reduce the excessive water use, Texas
Cooperative Extension is educating Texans on the
principles of Earth Kind landscaping to help preserve
and protect our most valuable natural resource.
Traditional landscapes may incorporate one or two
principles of water conservation, but they do not utilize
the entire concept to reduce landscape water use

Natural Beauties
A guide to native and adapted drought-tolerant plants
that thrive in Dallas with minimal watering

Turf Grass Links
    The Wildflower Center has developed a mixture of
    native grass species that works well in dry regions of
    Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona. Here are
    instructions for establishing a native lawn for these

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  • 13 groundcovers for our area; nice
    descriptions and photos
  • .
  • NEW  Got Grubs?  Many of our lawns have
    suffered during the summer heat and water
    restrictions. Yet, even with adequate watering, many
    of our lawns sustained significant browning. Turns
    out it's not necessarily lack of water. The lawn could
    be hosting grubs... white grubs, the larvae of our June
    bugs. This article is an excellent primer in identifying
    and dealing with a grub infestation.

  • The City of Richardson says mulch helps keep yards
    healthy with less water, plus Texas Pure Products.
    Click here.

Tip: Rotate watering times; set each cycle to 10
minutes; wait 30 minutes to allow absorption and
prevent runoff, then repeat 10 minute watering.   

*Note: This is a new section. It will receive more
links and we welcome contributions from you.
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Specializing in
nursries special-
ing in native and
adapted drought
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